My love for Italy started in early childhood thanks to uncountable family vacation trips to the Adriatic coast and Riviera. I am in love with all the beauty this wonderful country has to offer: from the beautiful mountain ranges, lots of clear blue skies, magnificent countryside to the sandy or rocky beaches, charming villages and ancient cities.

Luckily my family shares my fascination for Italy. The moment we cross the border to Italy, and take a quick break at an Autogrill … that first sip of authentic Italian cappuccino is like when the magic begins to unfold, as if a switch had been flipped in me: My joy levels increase instantly, and I feel immediately relaxed, happy and at ease.

We spent the first week in the Italian eden: the beautiful spa town Merano which has so much to offer. Between our daily soaks in the many spa opportunities, we hiked part of the Meraner Höhenweg, hiked the stunning Passer Gorge, and enjoyed yummy ice cream breaks at our strolls in the postcard perfect old town. One of the highlights was taking the historic single passenger chair lift to Tirolo.

After our week in this charming little medieval city soaking in the picturesque look of the region with its luscious green valleys surrounded by a stunning panorama of mountains, it was time for a little city trip to Bologna (which deserves an extra post) before heading to the beach and living the Italian dolce far niente to the fullest. I can stare at the ocean for hours, it’s like a meditation session and I feel immediately a sense of peace and calm.

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