Meet this rad bicycling dream team: Benjamin and Martin. Not only do they both enjoy sports, they are also members of our local charity group 46PLUS. While 13-year-old Benjamin and his fellow 46PLUS athletes are already training for the upcoming Special Olympics in Mannheim in July, his proud dad Martin – also a bicycling enthusiast – suddenly had an amazing idea: Why not combining his love and passion for bicycling, and starting a fundraiser to support our cool 46PLUS sports team to participate at the Special Olympics. Martin immediately felt a strong sense of purpose and drive. He was so on fire, that it didn’t take him long to set up an adventurous 2,000-kilometer-long route from Stuttgart to Riga accomplishing 250 km a day on his gravel bike.

He had so much delight in designing his bike jersey in 46PLUS colors and identity, finding a name for his project “#46plusgoesriga” and registering it on betterplace.org. Martin is clearly on a mission and his enthusiasm is highly contagious. I am not exaggerating when I say that everyone who happens to get Martin started about his project, is immediately infected and will not only leave him happier, but is also happily donating for his cause. When he tells you about how many of his friends and coworkers have already donated, his eyes light up and he feels really grateful.

If you want to learn more about his project, please visit here. If you want to follow Martin’s epic ride and RigAdventure along on Instagram, please visit here.

Please enjoy a few images of their latest training and feel inspired!

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