I had the great pleasure of finally meeting and shooting and hanging out with this incredible family who are true rockstars in every sense of the word. The next time I get the blues I will definitely ring their doorbell and ask for a quick lift-me-up.

Michaela and Martin have been blessed with two special kids. 8-year-old Malte is not only the cutest and coolest guy out there, he’s also quite the entertainer and most likely the mischievest boy on this planet – so you better watch out. Also he’s the most popular guy and his two best buddies insisted to come along for the shoot. His beautiful big sister Emma truly enjoys all his hugging and cuddling and certainly never has a dull moment with her little brother.

I am always convinced that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If you wonder why Malte is such a powerhouse spreading love and good vibes everywhere, just look at his parents. Michaela and Martin have amazing attitudes and you immediately feel good in their presence. They are super laid back and easy going. My kind of people. If you wanna learn more about this rad family, please watch this awesome portrait of them.

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