If only I had one grain of talent in the cooking department, I’d send my application right over to the “Alte Post” in Kuchen. Not only do they serve incredibly delicious homestyle cooking, the atmosphere and good energy in this sought-after restaurant is just off the charts. I firmly believe that the work environment and climate is the most important thing in every company. It stands and falls with the people who work there.

Every time I get the chance to visit the Alte Post in Kuchen, I always leave happier than I came. Chef Gabriele Heer and her husband have been successfully running this restaurant for – I believe – over 40 years now. Meanwhile their talented and handsome son Ludwig Heer who is also a famous TV chef and passionate chocolatier – joined the board. And if this wouldn’t be cool enough, the rest of the team also includes three rockstars.

Powerhouse Gabriele has been on a mission ever since their beautiful daughter Chrissi was born with a little extra 28 years ago. She does not only talk about inclusion, she wholeheartedly lives it and is a true role model in our community. Three of their employees have down syndrome and passionately work in service.

I remember the first time I had been served by Dominic, who is probably the greatest charmer I ever met, I felt the food tasted extra good. His good vibes, joyful attitude and positive energy are super contagious. Same applies for Chrissi who will immediately engage you in an intriguing conversation.

I could go on an on raving about this gang, but will now let the images do the talking. Also please do yourself a favor and visit the Alte Post once they are allowed to reopen again after the November lockdown. I guarantee you will leave happier and most definitely pleasantly full.

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