I made this fun little movie for three good reasons. Firstly, because I’m not quite sure how long this cool grown-up boy is willing to go on vacation with his annoying parents, especially with his highly embarrassing mom. 😉 Martin (the lovely provider of most of this footage who is also not too excited to be seen on the internet 😉 ) is, of course, the cool guy.

Secondly, as a reminder of how quickly my wonderful kids who not long ago lived in my belly have grown up. The last time we’ve been vacationing at the Italian Adria they were busy building sand castles and occupying the playground at the beach.

And thirdly, as a little lift-me-up when the winter blues kicks in or the going gets tough again. Sometimes Juliana asks me: „Mom, have I got talent?“ Although I know she would rather love to hear the answer: „Oh yes, you’re an amazing singer!“ (her greatest passion at the moment). Instead I keep telling her: „Oh yes, you have the devine ability to outshine the sun, make others feel loved and happy with your beautiful smile, and you give the best back massages.“

Please enjoy our Italian trip summed up in 2:46 minutes!

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