And just like that school is over – forever. It’s been a few sad couple of weeks for my big girl. Today was Juliana’s last day in school. A school she happily went to for 12 years, made lots of wonderful friends, was taught by caring teachers and which she will certainly miss a lot.

These big milestones always make me melancholic too. Because they are sentimental reminders of just how fast life flies by. They remind me to pause more often, and to truly live and enjoy the moment. Because this moment is all we have.

We are so grateful that Juliana and her good friend Vincent who were the only school-leavers this year had a wonderful farewell celebration. When the lockdown started earlier this year we knew a celebration would most likely not be possible – so sad for all the 2020 graduates all over the world. With all the lockdown easenings starting last month, there was hope again. And when her teachers told us that we are allowed to have a little farewell celebration with a maximum number of guests of 50 people and under strict hygiene measures and physical distancing we were completely over the moon and super thankful.

Last night I baked her favorite chocolate cake, but I guess that won’t be enough to distract and comfort her. Also my many words of mommy goodbye wisdom won’t do the trick. Like “Don’t cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened.” I promise I will keep my mouth shut and just hug her.

Please enjoy a few images of Juliana’s last day at school … and further below of her first day in school. I will keep you posted on how things go and her first day at work in September. Until then, have a great healthy summer! See you soon!

Juliana’s best friend Janina who has been on her side ever since they were babies. She beautifully played the violin at the farewell party, and made everyone cry at „My heart will go on“. They both started school in 2008 – see the cute image below.

OMG, look at this sweet tiny human whose school bag and first-day-of-school-treats-bag is almost bigger than her. 😉

Super excited at her first day, and super sad at her last day of school.

Happy 4th graders celebrating a Farewell Party for the classmates who left Primary School to go to Highschool. All the „Realschüler“ stayed until 10th grade.

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