My beautiful friend Ines Boban just told me that today is International Dance Day. What a perfect opportunity to post our video “The Nelkenline” from last October’s Community Dance workshop with Ines and the Down-Kind Halle e. V., who had helped to make this all happen, in Croatia.

Ines has always been a huge admirer of Pina Bausch who was one of the most important and influential dancers and choreographers of the 20th century. It was one of Ines’ long-time dreams to one day taking the Nelkenline out to her wonderful homeland Supetar in Croatia, and dancing it together with the amazing women of her community dance workshop.

Seeing these 21 incredibly strong and beautiful and vulnerable women walk in a single-file line, performing the same four distinct gestures over and over with each gesture representing one of the four seasons all over Supetar, had us in tears.

When we found out that the Pina Bausch Foundation had launched The Nelkenline Project where they encourage Pina Bausch aficionados and their friends to start their own lines in their part of the world and share their videos of them dancing, we were immediately all in, downloaded their music (“West End Blues” by no less than Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five), studied and practiced the choreography, filmed our sweet dancers and sent the clip to their foundation.

Please enjoy our Nelkenline video and have a little happy dance yourself today.

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