When this beautiful family of four came to our photo shoot, it was dark, and rainy, and cold, and overall miserable. But they came with a big smile and just felt like pure sunshine. Attitude and perspective is everything. When you can’t change something, change your attitude. That’s what they say.

When I talk about my life, I oftentimes refer to it as “before Juliana” and “past Juliana”. Before Juliana was born, my life seemed “kind of” perfect, or at least I tried hard to make it look that way to the outside. Our society makes us strive for perfection. After all perfectionism is primarily fueled by a desire for external approval.

Months later after she was born it finally dawned on me that perfection can only make us miserable, and that all the beauty and happiness is to be found in the imperfection.

I always loved the saying “A wet man doesn’t fear the rain”. I strongly believe that every challenge in our life helps us to no longer fear the rain, and the confidence of being capable of weathering any storm.

So when this beautiful family approached the shoot smiling, not fearing or complaining the dark, and the cold, and the rain … I could only smile back thinking to myself: They truly have it all.

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