We are back, and I can’t believe summer already comes to a close. The kids will be back to school tomorrow, and I have to admit that I kind of look forward to my good ol’ routine.

We spent this beautiful summer mostly in nature, enjoying the mountains, the little rivers and lakes and riding our bikes. And to quote Seth Godin: Summer is a great time to stand back, to chill out, to spend an entire day or a week producing little or nothing and simply breathe.

That’s exactly what I did. I decided to do a little self-experiment. Since the months April, May, June and July are always my crazy & busy season, I told my friends that I will take the whole August off of social media, get offline and see how it feels and works. The funny thing is that I started my “digital detox” already unintentionally in mid July due to my crazy finishing up all the deadlines and stretched it intentionally until today. Seven weeks off of Instagram is my record to date. And you know what? I absolutely loved it. And to my great surprise, the world still keeps turning. 😉

I remember years ago I would have apologized for being offline. Now I don’t. Instead I will highly recommend it to you. Being offline is the new luxury.

With technology constantly improving and promising us a better life with each new invention, our world has never been louder, and we all live in the fast lane with a gazillion opportunities coming at us every day in the speed of light. Therefore I believe it’s essential for our mental well-being to stop the noise, disconnect, and go quiet for a while.

I also believe that we as business owners often think that logging out and taking a break from social media will lead to dire results and we’re losing our momentum. We feel dependent on social media for bringing in work, and to keep the algorithm up.

I’m sure we’ll lose some momentum, but I’m certain that what we’ll gain in return will be more meaningful and more profound, so it’s all worth it.

This summer I was able to recharge, refresh and spend some time looking inside and some quiet time reflecting. While slowing down I felt the joy of not being rushed. I also enjoyed being present and living in the moment with the people around me. At times, I didn’t even know where I had left my phone. 😉

How was your summer? I hope you got the chance to carve out some time and enjoy some me-time. Now onto the good ol’ routine again! 😉

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