Meet Chrissie! This beautiful young lady had conquered my heart on the spot. First she gave me a very warm welcome … minutes later she gave me a back massage. I was smitten! She’s such a pro! She’s a girl that wears many hats. And all equally successful. She’s coming from a family of passionate chefs, so you’ll find her in their restaurant either cooking or being in service. When you go there, please say hi. She also has a great love and huge heart for children. No wonder she works as a kindergarten teacher. She also loves to model, and giving her favorite people a back massage. 😉

I am a huge believer in the proverb: „The apple doesn’t fall far from the trunk“ or in this case: „Like mother – like daughter“. Chrissie is just like her mom: very charming, outgoing, full of joy and an insanely zest for life. These women radiate so much love, joy and happiness … that you completely forget that January can be so depressive. They are both also very engaged in their local down syndrome group raising down syndrome awareness and living inclusion. It just feels amazingly great to be around them, soaking it all in …. Let’s say they are therapeutic!

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