So, did you guys find your polished boots filled with lots of sweets this morning? Well, if not, don’t you worry. Today I’m giving away three copies of our crazy cool cookbook „#46pluskocht – voll lecker“ to three lucky readers, so this is your chance to win one of them. All you gotta do is leave a smile or comment below or on Instagram or on Facebook. The winners will be announced Monday night. And if you happen to have already our book, don’t you worry, I believe this book makes the perfect Christmas gift for everyone who needs a little lift-me-up or some insanely delicious recipes.

Let me take this opportunity and say THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU to you wonderful people! We couldn’t be any happier (and certainly prouder), because the first 6,000 copies sold out in no time, and a second edition is already at the printers. I get always asked that this book was certainly a lot of work, and involved a lot of time, didn’t it? It sure did. But it was also the coolest project I have ever laid my hands on, working with an incredible team that I may also call my friends, my tribe … and it was time well spent. If you ever had a chance to hang out with one of our kids with a little extra, you know what I am talking about. Lots of adventures, belly laughs and lessons guaranteed!

Happy St. Nicholas Day, everyone!


Teilnahmeberechtigt sind alle Personen über 18 Jahren aus Deutschland. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Keine Barauszahlung des Gewinns möglich. Mit der Teilnahme an diesem Gewinnspiel erklärt Ihr Euch bereit, nach den neuen Standards der DSVGO Eure Daten zum Versand des Gewinnes und für den Gewinn freizugeben. Für weitere Zwecke werden Eure Daten nicht gespeichert oder benötigt. Das Gewinnspiel steht in keinem Zusammenhang mit Facebook oder Instagram.

The Giveaway is now closed. Tadaaahhhhh, drumroll please ….. my cool teenage son had so much fun drawing the three lucky winners: CONGRATULATIONS to Nika, Christiane Tauber & Anni_rockt. Please e-mail me your address, so that I can send you guys your copy of the book. Thank you so much everyone for playing!

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