Meet Sarah. A beautiful young woman who blooms like a flower, and her sweet fragrance radiates happiness and draws all the bees towards her. Okay, poetry aside. 😉 But seriously though, this girl is like a magnet. You feel instantly drawn towards her, because she gives you the feeling that you’re the most amazing person on this planet. She’s a gift!

Sarah wished for her 30th birthday a photo shoot with her besties Alina, Marie & Katharina. I couldn’t have been more excited, because these girls are so full of energy, ideas, prettiness and love, aka my kind of girls! They were cheering each other on, and something amazing happens in front of the camera when you suddenly lose your fear and feel comfortable and at ease. You bloom.

Sarah is one of those people who have this gift to make you instantly feel comfortable and loved. Just the way you are. She’s a true role model in many ways. And to get back to the poetic flower example from above: A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms. This couldn’t be of more importance to remember in our day and age of social media, where a lot of us unconconciously compare themselves to strangers on the internet, and then get depressed.

Sarah has traits we all secretly adore, but sometimes don’t dare to openly show, because society sets certain expectations on us. Sarah is always honest and straight forward. If she doesn’t want to go to an event, she lets you know. And you don’t even feel offended, but respect her decision. She never talks bad behind your back or would even bully. When she likes someone, she tells them. When she doesn’t like someone … she has very intuitive senses and certainly has the gift to feel if something or someone is off.

Her friends love and adore her exactly for these reasons. Around her they never have to be on eggshells, they can just truly be themselves, no filter and no masque needed. They know they are loved with all their strengths, weaknesses and fears. She stands beside them when it is dark, and always pushes them towards their own light. And last, but certainly not least, Sarah is tons of fun to be around, her laughter is contagious, and laughter is still the best medicine and cure for a whole lot of things.

I could definitely go on forever (you know me), but for now please enjoy a bit of Sarah and her wonderful friends today ….

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