We are back! Back to Stuttgart. Back to school. Back to our routine. Some of you might have wondered where to I have been disappeared. In the midst of our holidays I followed my heart, put the phone away and just unplugged. And it felt so incredibly good. So much peace of mind. No interruptions. Fully in the present. It gave me so much clarity of what I really want, where I wanna go, and what really matters to me. And even better: I feel so much more creative now. I also unobtrusively and slowly put the devices of my kids away. I believe that was the best gift I gave them this summer. And they didn’t even miss them. We climbed mountains, did tons of bike tours, read some great books, enjoyed the pool or the lake. Or just doing absolutely nothing. Basically what I did at their age.

Please enjoy a few images of one of my favorite places on this planet: the beautiful Südtirol. Although I love everything about the ocean, being on a mountain and enjoying the view and the quiet up there certainly speeds up any healing process. And then there is Juliana’s and my favorite town: Bolzano. Juliana was in glutenfree heaven again in her favorite pizza place there. Südtirol, we will be back!

Juliana Wenk
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