The tragic sad motorway bridge collapse in Genoa – which we have only crossed a week ago – makes it quite hard to now share happy vacation pictures.

Our next stop was beautiful Barcelona. The fact that we had just been there three years ago for my birthday, took the pressure off of feeling the need to seeing as much as we can squeeze in in just one day. So we took it pretty easy, strolled along Las Ramblas to get to the colorful fresh market La Boqueria – a foodie’s paradise.

After a short break there, we immediately knew we wanna stay at the beach for the rest of the day, and for some reason we ended up at the Barceloneta Beach. Of course it was super crowded (it’s August!), and we had a hard time to get Nicolas out of ocean. Indulging in lots of incredibly delicious tapas (he missed all that) in the nearby restaurant made the wait for him so much more pleasant.

Hasta la vista! Only one destination left: Marseille. If you’ll ever make it that far, I’ll have a Limoncello with you – I successfully restocked our bar with the good Sicilian one! 😉

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