Seven years ago, my darling muse Tamara and I went to Paris to do a photo shoot. To that date I had done many fashion shoots with all kinds of beautiful models whether for catalogs, calendars, lookbooks, or comp cards, but I had always wondered how it would be to have a model with a little extra in front of my camera and doing an editorial shoot in a beautiful city.

Our trip to Paris turned out to be one of my most beautiful and unforgettable experiences ever. We both, Tamara and I, had stepped out of our comfort zones, and stepped into a new world of possibilities. Anything is possible, if you believe in yourself. We began to see life and its possibilities in a whole new light. And we knew that we had to repeat this adventure one day in another city.


Amazing things are possible if you dedicate yourself 110 % and never quit. There is no dream too crazy or too far-fetched to come true, as long as you believe in that dream with all your heart. Don’t quit on you.


Last summer I was emotionally and creatively ready to take a step back and start anew. Inspiration comes when you dump your mind of all the unnecessary clutter and silent it from all the noise – especially from social media. I needed to disconnect in order to reconnect again. I was ready to break out of my comfort zone again. The idea to do another photo shoot was born. This time we would go to Rome.

In Rome we wandered around the piazzas, gazed up at all the magnificent medieval monuments, took many stops in cafés for a creamy warm cup of coffee perfection or enjoyed an aperitivo bar later in the afternoon. We savored all the heavenly Italian food and soaked it all in – la dolce vita.

With love,

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